IGNIS is one of the world leading companies supporting the entire emergency management, emergency preparedness and emergency response process. IGNIS provides training and consultancy services for airports, both civil and military, airlines, industrial facilities, oil and gas complexes, governments and governmental agencies, ports and ships, tunnels and municipalities.



With over 20 years of international experience, we rank among the global market leaders in the field of emergency management, emergency and disaster preparedness and emergency response training and consultation.

Today, IGNIS GLOBAL PROTECTION GROUP covers the following divisions:

trusted by governments for more than 20 years

certified, multi-national instructor team



IGNIS is your partner for Emergency Management and Emergency Response Training and Consultancy within the aviation, industrial / oil and gas, military, and municipal sector, operating on five continents. IGNIS maintains training centers worldwide- covering all possible areas of emergency response trainings. Over the years, students from over 50 nations have been trained by our certified multi-national and multi-lingual instructor team of the IGNIS group. Clients in Europe, Asia, Middle East, the MENA region, the GCC States, Africa, and Australia participate in our trainings and benefit from our world-wide know how and expertise.


IGNIS combines worldwide emergency preparedness and response know how in compliance with international standards and recommendations. IGNIS provides expertise in the conception, planning and the operation of training facilities, provides technical consultation and project management and assist government and the private sector in the implementation of compliant emergency management organizations and structures.


The Key for the professional operation of fire and emergency services is the effective training, education and continuous drill for the firefighting staff as well as the management team. With over 20 years of international experience in the development and performance of emergency response training programs, IGNIS provides a unique and global combination of high quality-standardized training programs using our state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment of our associated training centers, our sky scorcher concept as well as strongly benefitting from own research department.


We are utilizing our own research sector to provide and implement the highest state of the art safety standard into our services worldwide. We are constantly improving our services, implementing the latest guidelines and technologies, investing in research & development, creating new solutions within the emergency management process.


Sky Scorcher is the all-inclusive approach for standardized compliant training that can be easily be implemented at your place.
Sky Scorcher is developed as a franchise model that includes a long-term partnership for accredited training at a fixed designed simulator hardware, complying with international standards, rules and regulations.

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