Our mission refers to a comprehensive approach of risk minimization. We know: The risk of personal injury and property damage can only be significantly reduced through careful and professional preparation for potential emergencies and disasters. In a multi-professional team, the IGNIS Group stands for professional services covering the entire emergency management and preparedness process: from initial risk assessment, through consultancy and training services. Therefore, we are utilizing our own research sector to provide and implement the highest state of the art safety standard into our services worldwide.

Paying attention


We treat clients, employees and partners with respect and appreciation. Only by paying attention to their individual needs, their perspectives and cultures, we can maximize the clients benefit with regards to our services.

Independent commitment


We are loyal to our customers and partners, offering them our independent commitment and support to improve their emergency management capabilities, free from the interests of third parties.

A higher level


We are encouraged in our approach. We innovate to develop new solutions and standards that take safety to a higher level worldwide.

Highest standards


We always act ethically and comply with all relevant legal requirements to ensure that our solutions are also in line with the highest ethical and legal standards.



We act and make decisions with integrity. Our clients can trust that we will always act honestly, transparently and responsibly towards them.

Minimizing risks


We are performing efficient and straightforward. We are maximizing our clients benefit to minimize risks of personal injury and property damage in the event of fire, disaster, and loss.

Together each achieves more

Stronger together

We strongly believe in the real meaning of the word TEAM. IGNIS is not the only the homebase of our team, its also a trustable and reliable partner for our bright network.